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The Secret to Reducing Trauma During Tooth Extraction and Maintaining Bone Levels

Posted on: October 23rd, 2023 | Categories: Tooth Extraction

At Worcester Periodontics the periodontists take great care during extraction to reduce the trauma at the extraction site. One of the best practices implemented at Worcester Periodontics is the use of a periotome to sever the PDL before extraction. We find that this reduces the amount of trauma and bone loss at the site of extraction, increasing patient comfort and treatment flexibility.

Understanding the Periodontal Ligament (PDL)

Before delving into the periotome’s role, it’s essential to understand the PDL’s function. The PDL is a thin, fibrous ligament that connects the tooth to the alveolar bone. It helps hold the tooth in place acts as a cushion, absorbing the forces exerted on a tooth during chewing.

The Role of the Periotome

A periotome is a thin, blade-like instrument designed specifically to fit into the tight space between the tooth and the surrounding bone. Its primary function is to sever the PDL, allowing for a smoother extraction process.

Benefits of Using a Periotome

  • Minimized Trauma: One of the primary advantages of using a periotome is the reduction of trauma to the surrounding bone and gum tissue. By severing the PDL, the tooth can be extracted more easily, reducing the need for excessive force, which can cause tissue damage.
  • Bone Preservation: Maintaining the integrity of the alveolar bone is crucial, especially if future dental implants are being considered. A periotome helps preserve the bone structure by minimizing the risk of bone fracture during extraction.
  • Reduced Post-Operative Pain: Patients often report less pain and discomfort after an extraction when a periotome is used. This is likely due to the reduced trauma to the surrounding tissues.

If you or someone you know needs a tooth extraction, know that you are in good hands at Worcester Periodontics. The use of a periotome is one of the many techniques our periodontists use in order to ensure the best results in tooth extraction.

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